To The Girl That Never Thought She Would Be Okay Again 

A letter to the girl who doesn’t think she will ever be okay again:
The days seem to drag on and many days you don’t even know if this is all worth it. You feel like the heartache will never go away. You feel like you will never find that inner badass that he destroyed. You’re used to being the friend that helped everyone and now you’re the one needing the help. You feel ashamed, dumb, and hate showing your face in public. You feel like this is all a horrible nightmare and you don’t know when it’ll end. 
Guess what? You’re going to be okay. That girl you were before might be gone. Maybe she is just gone for a season, or maybe she is gone forever. Regardless, God will never put you through something that he doesn’t think you are strong enough to overcome. 
The heartache will ease up. Somedays will be a lot better than others, but overtime your heart will heal. Although, don’t try to find a bandaid to patch your broken heart. Don’t turn to another man. Don’t turn to a substance. Don’t turn to a crazy night out. Yeah, it’ll all be fun but ultimately it’ll break your heart just a little more. That man you turned to? He doesn’t want you for your heart. That substance? It will break all the hearts around you & continue to shatter yours. That crazy night out? It will ultimately lead to a new morning full of more regrets & embarrassment. 
Everyone around you is going through a different season in their life. Some are in a happy and some are sad. Some are exciting and some are terrifying. Regardless of what season you’re walking through in life, the human race was created to walk through these seasons together. God surrounds you with people to lean on during the hard times & rejoice with during the great times. That inner badass isn’t gone forever. She just needed a little time to rebuild and come out a little stronger this time. 
Moral of the story: you’re going to be okay. 
Love always, 


1 thought on “To The Girl That Never Thought She Would Be Okay Again ”

  1. So true, darling… For those of us who have suffered heartbreak, it was difficult to have any kind of faith. What I’ve learned is that sorrow can be born from good decisions and joy from bad ones. But in the end, it is the experience, and how we choose to frame it, that makes us who we are and enriches our individual beauty.
    I love you!


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