The Routine Oil Change

I’ve recently put a much more conscious effort on focusing on the positives of life instead of the negatives. I caught myself being constantly upset & angry. The problem was, I was upset and angry over nothing. The more podcasts I listened to, and the more people I spoke with, I came to realize that the negativity in my life was controlling my life and it was my fault. It was my fault because I’m an adult, with a brain, a heart, and two feet. I don’t have to continue to let negativity surround me.

I made the conscious effort to let the petty bull s*** go! Why let someone else’s bad day ruin mine? Why let someone else’s opinion dictate my own? I don’t fret like I used to. I don’t get super angry like I used to. Life is too short to let the negative aspects in life dictate your emotions. My dad was dwelling on something negative recently. I let him rant, looked at him, and I asked “what does you being mad right now accomplish?”. A positive outlook is contagious.  I’m happier, I sleep better, and I actually physically feel better. I’m a better employee, daughter, and friend.

Can you imagine never taking your car in for an oil change? I know from personal experience, it doesn’t end well. You will end up being 17 years old, headed for a college visit, and sitting on the side of the interstate with a blown engine. (Sorry, dad!) View your mental health as a routine car service. It prevents a bigger problem from exploding.

Is my life all rainbows and butterflies now? Hell no. Your life will never be perfect all of the time. Jesus was Jesus and never had a perfect life. Due to my change in mental outlook, I’ve drifted away from close friends & I’ve lost relationships. All of that has hurt like hell, but on the other hand, I’ve drifted back to old friends & I’ve formed relationships with new people that I wouldn’t change for the world.

What does that sticker on the left side of your windshield/brain say? Are you due for an oil change? 




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