The RBF Trend

In this journey called life, I have noticed that having an RBF, also know as resting bitch face, is thought of as cool.

I have had countless people tell me that they thought I was mean before they met me because of my face. They say I don’t look approachable, and that’s the last thing I want. I have had “I thought you were going to be the biggest bitch until I got to know you!” said to my face. Am I supposed to say thank you? Maybe I’m sorry?

The whole problem is pur society has turned RBF into something that young girls aspire to have. There is coffee mugs, t shirts, and who knows what else that say RBF on them.

Why? Why is it cool to look mean? Why do girls pride themselves on being unapproachable? Why is it cool for the pain of life to be the first thing someone notices about you?

I want to be seen as sweet. I want strangers to see me and think to themselves, “that girls looks so sweet!” and approach me.

Next time you hear someone pride themselves in looking mean, ask them why.



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